Newlook Herbs

About Newlook Herb's Beetroot Lip Balm: Indulgent Lip Care with Nature's Finest: Newlook Herb's Beetroot Lip Balm is a luscious and nourishing lip butter designed to provide an indulgent lip care experience. Crafted with a unique blend of Desi Ghee, Raw Honey, slow heat-infused beetroot, butter, alkanet root, kokum butter, shea butter, and pure cold-pressed oils, this lip balm goes beyond traditional formulations. It offers express lip repair, intense moisturization, and protection against aging and darkening, all enriched with the vibrant antioxidants and nutrients from beetroot. Key Features: Benefits: What Sets It Apart: Uses: Incorporate Newlook Herb's Beetroot Lip Balm into your lip care routine by:
  1. Applying a small amount to your lips as needed.
  2. Enjoying the luscious and nourishing experience as the lip balm works to repair, moisturize, and protect.